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Travel Blog Prosperity Review – 6 reasons to sign up (and 2 reasons not to)

Despite having had a great experience with Travel Blog Prosperity, I’ve been hesitant to write a blog post review. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’m usually one to talk about budget travel opportunities, rather than paid courses. Money is tight! And I know personally, it’s important how I choose to spend my money.

But the course is opened up to join for $9 for the first month (and $49 for any additional month). And my worries drifted away… the worst-case scenario, someone doesn’t enjoy the travel blog prosperity course and only loses $9. Phew.

And honestly, I can’t imagine someone signing up to Travel Blog Prosperity and finding NOTHING that’s relevant to them, since there is over what seems like hundreds of hours of content and course subjects.

You guessed it… this post includes an affiliate link. I personally signed up and paid for this course and waited for three months before making the decision to write this review!

What is Travel Blog Prosperity?

In Jessie’s own words: Travel Blog Prosperity is a nurturing membership community that includes everything you need to turn your blog into a profitable business, from courses to live coaching to paid opportunities sent to your inbox and more.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Join for just $9 for your first month ($49 value). You can cancel at absolutely any time, even before their discounted month is up. They don’t even need to email me, as they can cancel themselves right in their Travel Blog Prosperity dashboard.

Note that because of this there are *no refunds*.

Get access to full membership for $9
using discount code: CASSIETHEHAG

I do think, for most travel bloggers, this will be one of the best $9 you’ve spent on a course… I’ve seen one-off webinars and ‘lifetime access’ courses that had far less content than this. I’ve even signed up to some when they’ve been on ‘offer’. Travel Blog Prosperity is possibly the first time I logged on to the course after first signing up… and wasn’t disappointed by seeing how quickly I was going to get through the course material.

Far from it; I could tell I could dip in and out of this course for a year and still not complete every last thing! And that’s OK because not EVERY subject will be relevant to you! Some are best for beginners, others are still too expert even for me.)

If you are keen to learn about a very, very specific area (such as SEO or Pinterest marketing) an expert course by someone specifically in that niche might be the best fit for you – although experts in these fields do feature in Travel Blog Prosperity too.

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6 reasons to sign up to Travel Blog Prosperity:

1. Jessie emails weekly with opportunities

Aside from the huge amount of courses to choose from (all included in the $9 sign-up fee thankfully), Jessie compiles a weekly newsletter which includes genuine opportunities for travel bloggers. For example, travel writing opportunities, tourism boards who are looking for bloggers and influencers to visit a specific region. These opportunties come with direct links to apply.

The emails also include new travel affiliate schemes you can apply to, so even if you prefer to monetise your blog through passive income.

Maybe it’s just me, but I would have no idea where to find these sort of opportunities usually. It’s nice to know you’ll be introduced to some of these opportunities without having to do hours of research.

2. The sheer amount of information exceeds any similar course I’ve seen.

Thankfully, in the first module she clearly outlines which weeks/months content you should watch depending on your goals. You can think of the expansive course choices as different ‘pathways’, and once you’ve completed one pathway you can begin another.

Or you can do what I do, and dip in and out of different course subjects.

The content is also very clearly laid out, so it’s easy to locate the information most relevant to you.

3. Personal call with Jessie + ongoing direct support from her

Although I skipped my 15-minute personal onboarding call (did I mention I have social anxiety?), whenever I’ve had an additional question about course information, I’ve just emailed Jessie and she’s replied with a detailed explanation. Like, she’d actually taken care to make sure the information was clear and helpful when I was unsure.

Also, the call itself is to help work out your current goals, how to best utilise the courses, and also help you understand where to go from here.

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4. At $9 – $49, the course is actually accessible for people without large incomes

Again, I would feel weird doing a blog post ‘review’ like this if I was going to accidentally put someone out of pocket, only for them to find out the course wasn’t perfect for them. I KNOW what it’s like to struggle for lunch money, and to be behind on rent.

With this membership, you can cancel after one-month having only spent $9 if you’re short on cash, and hopefully you’ll find a lot of value during that time.

If you don’t cancel, it’s $49 each month after that. You’ll probably be tempted to stick around for a bit longer so you have a chance to do more of the courses, but you’re under no obligation to and can cancel directly under your Teachable log in.

5. A few group calls every month – from site audits to goal-setting, to expert Q&As

During the site audits, Jessie will view your blog and a blog post and tell you everything you need to improve (in a very kind way, don’t worry)! This includes content layout, what you could add in content-wise, to also noting how she thinks you could monetise that page and how to do it. Previous site audit calls are available to watch so you can pick up tips.

For many, the expert interviews are probably the biggest bonus here. Alongside getting experts in to run course modules, she also arranges different calls with people each month. This means you can ask direct questions which are specific to your travel niche or concerns.

There are also monthly goal-setting calls for the group where you can chat with Jessie and other members of the course. (You can join live or watch the replay.) If you’re a freelancer or solo travel blogger like me, this can help keep you accountable. And even just make you feel less alone in your blogging journey.

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6. Jessie understands mental health is important.

In her recent 30-day Profit Calendar course, Jessie included ‘rest days’. She even included ideas of how to refresh your creativity in a relaxing way.

As someone who struggles with mental health issues, the constant ‘hustle culture’ synonymous with travel blogging can be exhausting and lead to burn out. Plus many of us also have a full-time job to attend to!

I really appreciated that, across the course, she avoids ‘you MUST work EVERYDAY’ type speak which can be very damaging in our already ‘switched on’ world.

Needing some time away from screens each week does NOT mean you don’t want this enough! Needing rest does NOT mean you’re less dedicated or less worthy.

I am really glad Jessie gets this, and I think it’s something really missing across similar courses.

Get access to full membership for $9
using discount code: CASSIETHEHAG

2 reasons NOT to sign up to Travel Blog Prosperity:

1. If you leave the course, you no longer have access to the content.

Obviously, any worksheets you have downloaded you will still have access to. Also, you can rejoin at any time… or dip in and out when new courses relevant to you come up. (A new course module is added every month.)

This isn’t a deal breaker for me, but I can see why this would be annoying for some people. It’s not like you pay a set amount and then have lifetime access.

2. The bonus content is slightly more geared to a US audience – for example, live calls are based in a US timezone.

Honestly, this isn’t something that bothers me, as you can just watch the replay the next day. Old replays also remain on the teachable page too – so even if you join today, you still have access to all the old content.

However, if you’re someone based out of the US, you might feel you’re missing out on attending live. It gives you the opportunity to chat with other people in the live chat, as well as having your website shown during the call while Jessie does the site audits.

Similarly, some of the travel opportunities Jessie has shared, such as working with tourism boards, have been more USA and Canada-based. This isn’t exclusive by any means, but worth mentioning.

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What does Travel Blog Prosperity membership include?

  • 15-minute onboarding call. Chat with Jessie to create a one-on-one to create a personalized plan for how you can best utilize the program content.
  • 45+ premium blogging courses. Learn how to grow an email list including freebie ideas, create a profitable content plan, launch products, grow on social media, LEGAL BLOGGING (I really needed this), and much more. Currently looking forward to doing the ebook and setting up your own webinar courses.
  • 10+ workshops.
  • Strategy roadmap.
  • 1 monthly goal-setting workshop. Meet with Jessie and other members on Zoom to create your action plan for the month — A nice way to be less alone on your blogging journey too.
  • 2 monthly live Q&A calls. Mingle, share strategies and ask questions
  • Quarterly live calls & events. These rotate between a live Q&A call with a developer, a live site audit call where you can get your site constructively critiqued, and a live creative writing workshop
  • 5 weekly paid blogger opportunities.
  • Course bonuses. – such as templates for social media, pitching to brands and newsletter prompts
  • And more! 🙂

Sign up or read more here.
Use discount code to get 1 month for 9 dollars: CASSIETHEHAG

I hope this helps provide some information that is helpful! I had never heard of this membership before I stumbled across it by chance, so that’s a big reason for me to want to shed some light on it.

If you have concerns on whether this is something you should spend money on right now, feel free to DM e on Twitter or Instagram. I’ll tell you straight up if you don’t need this membership haha.

Obviously I’ve done my best to be as honest as possible, but since this post does include an affiliate link, you can bear that in mind when making your decision. (Not because it swayed my review, mind! I am genuinely super impressed! It’s just hard to consider EVERYONE’s needs and if they are the same as mine!)

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