About me

Hi, I’m Cassie! Against my wildest expectations, I’m a solo female traveller.

At age 27, I decided to overcome years of self-uncertainty and anxiety in favour of throwing myself headfirst into the unknown; I left my grotty flat in London and began solo backpacking the globe. Now I’m approaching 30 and still going. Currently? Self-isolating with strangers in Auckland.

Honestly, despite always being free-spirited, before my trip I’d never backpacked before. In fact, I never believed it was a possibility. I had a bad job, was overcoming some traumas, and super behind on my rent. I spent a long time trying to figure out if I could take a holiday and ended up doing this! Through a series of very fortunate events, I was able to make saving for travel my obsession. I found a better job but spent as if I was still on minimum wage.

In some ways, I think this was always in my future – I have always dreamed of adventure! But on the other hand, I can barely believe this has happened. My life has turned itself upside down (literally and figuratively!) and I feel very fortunate to have had this chance.

Since May 2018, I’ve travelled through Japan and Southeast Asia, before moving to Australia for a year. In 2019, I moved to Sydney until my visa expired when I solo backpacked through The Balkans. I keep up long-term travel by taking full-time jobs while on Working Holiday visas – I was even a receptionist at a baby modelling agency for five months in Australia – and teaching English online. I’m about to start a new job in New Zealand.

Never quite fitting in, I’ve finally found a life where you are constantly dared to do something different.


As a traveller, I am particularly curious about places I don’t know much about. My destination blog posts tend to be a mixture of must-sees combined with unique or upcoming spots. For example, whilst my first backpacking destination was Tokyo, by my second ever week of travelling I was solo hiking an ancient pilgrimage trail across untouched misty mountains. I didn’t even have hiking experience – it was hard, but worth it! Most recently, I left a planned trip to Bali early in favour of solo backpacking across Java.

Solo travelling with social anxiety and at times even experiencing depression on the road has certainly been the greatest challenge to overcome. I’m a big believer in a healthy outlook on mental health and these experiences inspired me to write openly about both the highs and lows of travel. I hope that this can help others feel less alone.

For this reason, I don’t think of myself as an empowering solo female traveller. I struggle, I get scared, but I always try my best to keep going. I hope I can inspire you live a life that is also beyond your expectations of what you achieve.

Keeping a blog has proved a great way to trace the steps of my literal and personal journey, whilst also having the opportunity to advise other travellers of the ups and downs that inevitably come along the way.

What’s next for me? I want to keep challenging myself, keep surprising myself, and make the most of what lies outside my comfort zone.


If you’re scared about solo travel or living with anxiety on the road, don’t be afraid to get in touch. You can find me on Instagram @cassiethehag or via email mscassiebailey@gmail.com.

Astro-photography spot in SydneyAstro-photography spot in Sydney