Best Travel bloggers to follow- celebrating DIVERSITY in the travel community

Talented Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2021 – celebrating DIVERSITY in the travel community.

Wonderful travel bloggers from around the globe have helped me put this list of Inspiring Travel Bloggers you really should follow. Together, we hope to share and celebrate diversity within the travel community and amplify the voices that deserve more recognition.

And honestly? Emotionally-moved does not cover it; the number of times I teared up or felt a physical sensation of gratitude and respect while putting this post together can’t be counted. I am sitting here, totally overwhelmed; by you guys, by our travel community, by your stories and the incredible perseverance and will to thrive that encapsulates the best parts of human nature.

What inspired me to make this post?

Amazing travel bloggers, duh. Annnndd the confusion I get whenever I see travel conference line ups with all-white panels, and empowering solo travel blogger lists with all (very smart, and often still empowering) but with majority white, cis, able-bodied, straight, neurotypical bloggers. I mean, c’mon, I don’t fully even understand how this can still be happening in 2021. (Oh wait, I do, and it rhymes with Systemic Racism.)

Feel free to skip this bit and get to the recommendations. My ADHD brain started rambling and it’s hard to stop it.

Honestly, I am NOT the right person to put this list together. It didn’t seem right to take the ‘clicks’ and space away from another blogger. But, all considered, there remains a huge shortage in lifting marginalised voices within the travel community. The more of us pointing towards a diverse range of bloggers, the sooner we will evolve into a more accessible and inclusive space. (But there is a long, hard journey ahead, and most of that journey should be done outside of white spaces. Cuz, you know, predominantly white travel stories don’t exactly look good in our history books… or in current news.)

When I began travelling at 27, I’d had long enough without holidays to recognise the immense privilege of going abroad. In my early posts and Instagram captions, I talked about Passport Privilege, the advantageous head start I was given as a white, British woman – including the education and first language benefits that afforded me – but my travel blog was still largely general destinations guides and solo female travel tips.

Before long, something had to change. My mental health was deteriorating on the road – I have suffered from chronic depression, PTSD, insomnia and anxiety for over twenty years – and I couldn’t keep up my blog and NOT talk about it. I’m naturally too earnest, haha. When I began writing about those experiences, my whole perception of what it meant to be Online changed. I came closer to my online community, I spent hours talking to people about their own mental illnesses and self-care, and shifted my blog from ‘Solo Travel’ to ‘Travel and Mental Health’.

My neurodivergent/disabled travel blog

No, that’s not my recommendation, ew. This is simply the other answer to ‘why I HAD to write this blog.’

The month I turned thirty, I finally found the confidence to talk about life as a neurodivergent human. Due to my neuro-developmental disorders, I cannot drive or ride bikes, and some DIY travel options can be overwhelming. In countries such as Vietnam, it was so hard to explain to other backpackers why I couldn’t ride scooters. In Australia, I couldn’t follow through on my road trip dreams because I ain’t allowed in a vehicle. And while I’ve never ever felt bad about that cuz getting to travel is amazing in itself – plus my body is awesome and there is so which I CAN do – I did sometimes feel left out of other travel discussions. I’ve written about solo travelling with ADHD and dealing with sensory overload on the road, but I hope in the future I have the confidence to speak more openly and share ever better advice.

And that’s where this post comes in! I’ve always been immensely grateful for my body and for my mind, even though being neurodivergent sucks sometimes! That gratitude has always made me think about the maannny, many ways in which I have it easy as a traveller; I’m a white, cis, skinny, British, mostly able-bodied woman. And by gosh did that make me want to stop taking up space in the travel community when other travel bloggers are constantly getting pushed aside. Yikes.

We have to champion diverse voices. Every time we have the opportunity to do so, and we don’t take that opportunity, we’re keeping things as they are rather than pushing forward. As bloggers, we have to really push to ensure the same opportunities are available to everyone. We have to do more. I have to do more.

If you’re reading this today, please take a moment to click through to the fantastic CREATORS who are recommended. Follow them on social media, like their posts and share them in your stories!

Bookmark their destination guides when they pop up on Google and seek out diverse travel bloggers next time you look for inspiration on YouTube or Pinterest. READ THEIR BLOGS! They are awesome! Many links below will take you to amazing resources that will be so worthwhile reading next time you’ve got some time set aside for education and support.

And finally, thank you. Thank you for setting aside time to read this and champion these fantastic creators today. Thank you to everyone who nominated inspiring bloggers and took time out of their day to write about them. And thank you to all these inspiring travel bloggers below… I am grateful for your work, for you, and recognise your immense talent.

Enough rambling. Let’s get on to the important stuff

Lucy from ‘Absolutely Lucy’

Nominated by Ian from The Barefoot Backpacker

Imagine, if you will, someone who quit her job, and her relationship, to travel. Imagine that same someone loving the travel life so much that they decided to make a career about it. And then imagine that same woman taking elegant selfies in far-off places, writing blog posts with travel and lifestyle tips, and having a whole community on Instagram. She’s even starting the whole VanLife style now.

Have you imagined? Do you have a picture of her and her personality in your head? You are incorrect. In many ways. Let me present Lucy Ruthnum, also known as Absolutely Lucy. The antidote to travel bloggers.

I mean, sure she writes in-depth about places she’s been to, sure she’s had wonderful adventures that make people reading them have wanderlust, but she’s also not afraid to talk about the less than glamorous sides. Mental Health. Domestic Violence. Sexual Harassment. She is always honest with her feelings and true to herself.

Her Instagram Stories feed is especially varied and engaging, with everything from ‘this or that’ games and ‘confessionals’, to deep introspection on relationships and ethics when travelling, in all of which she encourages involvement and action. Indeed, my recommendation for an introduction is to go to her Instagram profile and look through her Story Highlights – you’ll get a good feel for her from that alone.

In general, I’d say you don’t feel like she’s just another travel blogger’, rather it feels you’re on the same journey as her, and she’s become one of your party. And she likes to party. She’s also more than happy to listen to me when I’m venting about life and the things that get me down; she makes time for her friends and in this genre of “but anyway, back to me, aren’t I pretty”, it’s incredibly

Kay from ‘The Awkward Traveller’

Nominated by Michelle from Wander Eat Write

Kay of The Awkward Traveller is a Black travel blogger (and self-published author!) who is a cheerleader in every sense of the word to underrepresented communities. Through her blog, Kay focuses on making travel more inclusive, accessible, and relatable while uplifting those who may not have a voice or who are often marginalized— especially in the travel industry— so that their stories and experiences are told and heard.

From publicizing Black-owned businesses in Oregon to interviewing travelers with chronic conditions and even starting the Global Dreamers Foundation, a non-profit that sponsors the costs of passport applications for first-time travelers, Kay uses her platform to encourage others to learn more about the world through travel as well as through minority voices.

I first found Kay’s blog a few years ago when I was Googling other Asian travelers I could connect with as I grew tired of seeing the same (ahem, white) faces across the industry. I had never seen anyone who looked like me do what I was trying to do: travel to all seven continents by finding jobs around the world; someone with my background, someone who understood what it was like to grow up in the U.S. as a child of Asian immigrants, someone who understood the difficulties of traveling with an Asian face yet Western upbringing.

Much to my delight, Kay had an entire post highlighting travel bloggers not just from the Asian community, but from the Black and Latinx communities as well!  And this was all pre-2020, just saying.

I’ve learned so much from Kay, namely that the travel space needs more bloggers and voices from those who reflect the people in the community. Since completing my marathon around the world, I’ve attempted to do just that by writing about how to work and travel around the world so that others can be inspired to find creative ways to see this beautiful planet regardless of their financial situation.

I know Kay has had a positive impacted on more people than she could possibly know, myself included. Because of her, there are so many individuals of all backgrounds who feel a little more accepted in the travel community today.

Ian from ‘The Barefoot Backpacker’

Nominated by Leta from The Nerdy Me

The Barefoot Backpacker is a travel blog by Ian, a solo British traveller who prefers to explore more off the beaten track type of destinations rather than very well-known and popular spots. On the blog, you will find a variety of destination guides with a unique touch of someone who enjoys immersing themselves in the history and social-cultural aspect of the place.

As a neurodivergent, asexual and enby traveller, Ian has a unique perspective that makes them a welcome and supportive voice within the travel community.

Ian also has a podcast “Travel Tales From Beyond The Brochure” in which they dive deeper into lesser-known destinations and the history behind them. Also, in the podcast, Ian explores thought-provoking questions such as why we travel the way we do and topics such as sexuality and privilege which do not get addressed as much in the travel industry but they too play an important role.

What I love and relate to the most with Ian is not only their desire to explore unknown and hidden destinations but also their content about mental health. As someone who struggles with social anxiety while travelling, I find it very reassuring to listen and read about the experiences of other travellers who are dealing with the same or similar issues as I do. I especially loved Ian’s podcast episode on travelling with social anxiety where they shared their own experience. There is something incredibly reassuring in knowing that you are not the only one struggling with this kind of fear and constant anxiety.

Mariellen from ‘BreatheDreamGo’

Nominated by Rose from WhereGoesRose

Canadian travel writer Mariellen Ward, is the voice behind Breathedreamgo, a website dedicated to transformational and responsible travel. Aged 59, Mariellen is a champion for travelling at any age and has single-handedly created a successful, award-winning website during her solo travels in India. Mariellen has been blogging since 2005 and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travel writing, travel ethics and her of course favourite destination, India.

Mariellen writes on a diverse range of destinations but always with a focus on responsible travel and eco-tourism. On her blog and Instagram, she has touched on topics such as decolonising travel and stepping towards a more inclusive world. She also writes thoughtfully about Indian culture and female empowerment through tourism. 

I first connected with Mariellen after a friend put her in touch while I was also travelling solo in India. At the time I was visiting Rishikesh, known as one of the best Indian destinations for female travellers, and still feeling slightly nervous about being in India alone (which turned out to be one of my most positive travel experiences!). I was grateful for her solo female travel and safety tips, and continue to enjoy reading her insight on life in India to this day. 

In particular, Mariellen’s articles on eco-tourism in India carry value for me. India is somewhere that’s usually considered more of a cultural travel destination, so her perspective of getting past the main attractions such as the Taj Mahal and meaningful experiences at grass roots level provide new perspective. I don’t know any other foreign female bloggers who share this side of India tourism which is why I value Mariellen’s thoughtful outlook.

Ucman from ‘Brown Boy Travels’

Nominated by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

In his blog, “Brown Boy Travels” Ucman writes about his experiences as a gay man travelling the world. He talks about sensitive topics like racism and discrimination in different countries and his experiences. Ucman describes himself as a “Hippie on the inside, solo gay travel blogger on the outside”. His life is all about travelling and seeing the world. Check out his blog for realistic travel guides and advice. If you ever feel like you might not be able to travel because of your race or sexual orientation then “Brown Boy Travels” is the place to go.

Ucman has been to an impressive number of countries and is not stopping any time soon. Each of his destination guides provides information on travel as a member of the LGBTQ community as well as any racial information you might have to know before you go.

Ucman doesn’t sugar coat anything but tells you about his actual experiences which might be very different from what you’d expect in certain countries. Ucman’s blog feels honest and is an incredible resource of information you won’t find anywhere else online.

Courtney from ‘Courtney the Explorer’

I came for her vegan travel guides and stayed for her amazing attitude. Courtney’s mission is to inspire wxmen to travel, including long-term, budget and sustainable travel. She’s also talked about coming out as LGBTQ+ and her experience with identity, singleness, and how accepting how different ‘labels’ shift as we transition through life. Keep soul-searching Courtney – if your ambition was to be the role model you wished you had as a hold, you made it!

Cory from ‘Curb Free Cory Lee
Don’t miss Cory’s Instagram updates on travelling as a disabled person. On his blog, there are many guides covering accessible travel in various countries.

Marlene from ‘Deafinately Wanderlust’

Marlene is a deaf and Latina traveller whose content proves that deaf people are capable of travelling while providing invaluable support for the Hard of Hearing community. Deafinitely Wanderlust is jam-packed with thoughtful content which not only provides excellent destination guides but thoughtful commentary surrounding her identity as a deaf Mexican-American.

I adore her YouTube channel, and her video series on Deaf Communities Around The World should be everyone’s Must Watch list. You can turn on English or Spanish closed captions, or view the full translation below videos. Some videos are in ASL and others are in International Sign Language.

Her channel also covers her own travel experiences and advice, while also sharing the stories of others. Her ‘Through Their Eyes’ and ‘Deaf Spotlights’ shares the tales of others – travelling and in within their culture – and how they push through the barriers imposed upon them by society.

Aon and Lan from ‘Deer Is Travelling’

Aon and Lan are a self-proclaimed ‘intergaycial’ couple, based in Bangkok. With stunning photography, amazing destination advice, and helpful LGBT+ resources too.

With fantastic information on Thailand, there blog is a must-visit for anyone planning Southeast Asia, and they’ve visited some beautiful spots you might not hear about without them. Their knowledge of LGBTQ+ equality in Thailand and in their own words ‘No one is equal until everyone is equal.’

Alongside their Asia travel guides, Aon and Lan are sure to charm you with their lifestyle posts, positive attitudes and infectious smiles.

Christina from ‘Happy to Wander
Christina is a Chinese-Canadian travel blogger (or, in her own words, full-time ‘Asian tourist’) inspiring prospective travellers to get up and go. And if you’ve not yet picked up on the racist comments behind the so-called ‘Asian tourist’, then Christina has. And she’s written about it too. Her dismay at realising that lists of ‘best Asian travel bloggers’ usually has a focus on white ex-pats is honestly devastating. Is the travel community really this out of touch? (Yes, unfortunately.) Support Christina (the pleasure will be all yours – her blog is fantastic) and be sure to call out these kinda blatantly non-inclusive articles in future

Kareemah from ‘Hijabi Globetrotter
Kareemah’s blog and Instagram provide fantastic resources for travelling as a Muslim. Don’t miss her YouTube videos, which include Muslim Travel Guides and honest accounts of teaching abroad as a BIPOC. She has genuine empathy and challenges herself to view travel from the perspective of others – both tourists and locals – making her a great advocate of responsible travel.

Kiona from ‘How Not to Travel like a Basic B*tch
Striving for education through travel, Kiona’s website is a fantastic resource for travellers, and the place to find ‘study abroad trips for adults’. She’s spoken about cultural bias in storytelling in a travel community generally consisting of white, privileged writers, and sought to change that. (Speaking of, Christina’s aforementioned Eff You to Asian tourist stereotypes article can be found here.) She’s also a political scientist by trade and education, giving her an expert perspective that any of us can learn from. Her Instagram captions are oftentimes mini-essays, aiming to start difficult dialogues, seek resolutions and lift marginalised voices.

Emma from ‘Invincible Woman on Wheels’

Nominated by Victoria from Guide Your Travel

Emma is a blogger from Birmingham and the voice behind “The Invincible Woman on Wheels”. She writes about her life as a wheelchair user, living with cerebral palsy and is a strong advocate for accessibility and providing a realistic view of life with a disability. She started her blog to give others an insight into her life and the small and big struggles that she encounters. But her blog isn’t only about negative experiences. It is more so an uplifting place and one of shared experiences and courage.

Emma tackles different topics such as what job hunting as a disabled person is really like and how she manages to travel alone in a wheelchair. She not only provides practical tips for other wheelchair users such as how to navigate train stations or life as a university student but also discusses important topics such as visible versus invisible disabilities and how their experiences can be entirely different.

The Invincible Woman on Wheels is a very honest blog which a lot of helpful resources, personal experiences and, of course, a bit of humour mixed in along the way.

Jasmine from JMNoble
Jasmine is one of the few travel Instagrammers whose stories I actively watch. Alongside sharing beautiful travel photography, she often shares important international current events and discusses complex issues – such as racism in Canada, decolonizing Thanksgiving and the effects of travel on indigenous communities. Her captions and stories are digestible while still retaining the importance of these discussions. Jasmine moved from The Philippines to Canada at 15, and while her beautiful photos of the mountains will capture her attention, her compassion will capture your heart. Follow Jasmine here.

Kirsty from ‘Kirsty Leanne Travels’

Nominated by Leta from The Nerdy Me

Kirsty Leanne is one of those travel bloggers that you can’t help but love for being so unapologetically themselves.

Kirsty is a plus size travel blogger from the UK and the founder of the community website – Plus Size Travel Too. The content Kirsty produces on her blog mainly revolves around all things travel, think guides, personal experiences, travel tips and tricks. What makes her unique and different from all the usual travel bloggers is that Kirsty represents the community of plus size adventurers.

Her mission is to show the world that plus size people trave too and to break the myths that exist around this topic. Although I am not a plus size person, I am an avid follower of Kirsty and I believe that the work she is doing is very important for the plus size community. I think whenever you are plus size or if you are struggling with body positivity, Kirsty Leanne Travels is a perfect blog for you to read and follow.

By the way, Kirsty also shares her experiences and tips on her Instagram account which I would highly recommend following. Some of her Reels, like this one on when it’s okay to comment on someone’s health, are my favourite on the whole app.

Preethi from ‘Local Passport Family’

Nominated by Christina from Live A Wilder Life

One of my favorite bloggers to follow is Preethi from the family travel blog, Local Passport Family. I first came to know her on Instagram where she stood out for me as being one of the few Asian American travel bloggers talking about inclusivity and anti-racism work.

What I like about Preethi is that she’s direct in her messaging and doesn’t hold back on her point of view. The world of social media can feel like a volatile place at times, and if you’re going to put out your beliefs to the world, you’re guaranteed to get people who disagree and are hostile in their differences. I’ve noticed she has a way of responding to people who disagree with her in a way that’s intelligent and firm. As a newer blogger, it inspires me to not hold back on what I believe out of fear of getting pushback.

Some of my favorite blogs from her are her articles on how to raise antiracist kids and her recommendations on diverse kids books about love. As a multi-ethnic mom, I’m always looking for books where not everyone is white and a heterosexual couple.  She’s a fantastic resource for families who are looking for more tools on how to be anti-racist and how to teach that to your kids.

A great place to follow her is on her Instagram, where she posts photos about her travels while weaving in resources, tips and thoughtful insights on diversity in the USA.

Alex from ‘Lost With Purpose
a traveller who has written in-depth about less-covered destinations (including extensively on Pakistan and India) as a solo female traveller. She has resources on safety, dealing with harassment, and has been outspoken on issues that other American influencers all too often shy away from (think Black Lives Matter, the Indian farmer’s protests and sharing resources to learn about the recent events in Myanmar).

Elena from ‘Muslim Travel Girl
Elena writes in-depth about Muslin-friendly and has great resources for Muslim Millennials planning their next adventure. She provides invaluable information on ‘DIY Umrah’, hijab-free holidays and halal food abroad.

Once Upon a Journey

Roxanne and Maartje are a Dutch lesbian couple, inspiring travellers around the world with their in-depth travel guides and beautiful photography. After receiving feedback on their stories about travelling as a lesbian couple, they began providing more online travel resources – their best lesbian travel guide is a great place to start. It wasn’t their originally aim since they wanted to write about folktales around the world but were committed to showing up for their community and helping others.

Still, ‘Once Upon a Journey’ has its own fairy tale qualities, and their determination that travel should be for everyone shines through, all while keeping it real and sharing useful information. They also champion visibility, sharing the lesbian stories of others (some more fab couples to follow in this post as well) and celebration destinations that are LGBT friendly.

Our Taste for Life

Charlotte and Natalie are a British lesbian couple with fantastic resources for lesbian travel. Look out for their ‘Gay In…’ destination guides and LGBT+ Travel Safety tips. Their destination guides on countries across Asia and Europe cement them as talented travel bloggers to watch.

When it comes to lesbian dating and lifestyle, they also have a great lifestyle section. Cosy up with these 50 lesbian fiction books if you’re in need of some TLC during lockdown (or are in need of a quiet of a quiet night in on the road)!

Stefan and Sebastien from ‘Nomadic Boys
I’ve been enjoying Stefan and Sebastien’s content for a while now, and their story of abandoning their comfortable jobs in their early 30s because adventurous travel bloggers is just beyond inspiring to me. They’ve spoken up about discrimination that affects the entire LGBTQ+ community, from the concerns of transgender travellers in airport security to the difficulties of travelling as two moms. While they firmly believe no one should hide who they are, they share well-researched facts on gay travel (with cited sources!) to ensure the LGBTQ+ community travel safely and without issue. Still not inspired? They’ve now travelled to over 80 countries together.

Ed from ‘RexyEdventures
Ed is a successful deaf travel blogger, adventure seeker and adrenaline junkie. He’s travelled independently as a solo, deaf traveller who enjoys everything from budget-friendly luxury (yeap, it’s a thing!), to hidden gems or hurling himself out of planes. When he sets his mind to something, Ed really throws himself in (literally) and still finds time to create fantastic deaf travel resources both on his main site and secondary blog, The Deaf Traveller.

Emma from ‘Simply Emma’

Nominated by Nina from Lemons and Luggage

Simply Emma is one of the UK’s leading disability and travel bloggers. On her blog, Emma shares travel advice from the perspective of a wheelchair user, concert reviews that discuss the accessibility of the venue, but also lifestyle topics as well as background information about her disability, muscular dystrophy.

Emma is an inspiring travel blogger because she discusses important issues and doesn’t shy away from criticizing lack of accessibility at venues or in hotels. Read her post about her horrible experience at Fusion Festival to get an understanding of how poorly questions of accessibility are handled by event organizers. Whether we have a disability ourselves or not, it’s imperative to educate ourselves on these topics because they are social issues that we all need to work on fixing.

Emma’s blog is very eye-opening and helps both wheelchair users to feel empowered to travel, but also raises awareness among able-bodied people so that we open our eyes to the different ways that people are excluded from things that are everyday events for most of us. As some people argue, disabilities are actually caused by societies when they actively disable somebody from participating in their communities.

Shivya from ‘The Shooting Star
Shivya is a responsible travel advocate, writer, photographer and environmentalist. She provides meaningful guides on how to live consciously and be respectful of others (and the planet) on the road. Growing up in a valley at the base of the Himalayas, she always dreamed of travelling beyond the mountains. Now she’s helping others do the same! I’ve found her conscious travel guides particularly useful, such as contributing to local economies abroad, avoiding animal attractions, vegan travel guides and using sustainable travel gear.

Yishyene from SmallCrazy

Nominated by Kay from The Awkward Traveller

Yishyene puts the fun back into travel blogging, with her vibrant photos and color-packed videos, there is never a dull moment on her feed. Never one to take herself too seriously, Yishyene offers honest and relatable travel content that every day travelers can look to for inspiration, both on their journies and to experience the magic of travel while at home as well.

Not only are her guides and blog posts well written, detailed, and inspirational, but Yishyene is also a champion of decolonizing the travel writing space, especially when it comes to how the travel industry writes about Asian food, Asian culture, and Asian destinations, as they are more often than not, viewed and critiqued through a skewed Western perspective.

She has also spoken openly about her ADHD and how she navigates travel (as well as content creating) in an industry that does not often accomodate for neurodivergent travelers.  Yishyene promotes authenticity and originality above all else, and is the first to uplift other voices. 

Blog Post you HAVE to read: The Summer I Found Myself

Sojourner from Sojournies_

Nominated by Kay from The Awkward Traveller

Sojourner is a full-time social worker and educator who combines her love for travel with her professional background to provide fun guides and thought pieces on the nuances of travel in an easily digestible manner. Her content is backed by her relevant degrees, and she dissects the “how” and “why”s of travel, alongside tips to help you travel both more effiecently (by saving money AND time) while also traveling more thoughtfully and ethically.

Sojouner’s community of travel enthusiasts often hold productive and thought-provoking conversations about travel and travel experiences. Her recent educational series, “Let’s Unpack That” dives head first into sometimes sensitive topics such as accessibility, appreciation, voluntourism, social identities, and economic class systems – as well as how they impact someone’s travel experience  (or barrier to).

Aside from her incredible eye-opening posts, Sojourner is down-to-Earth and easily approachable, with an enthusiastic approach to both live and travel. As a young millenial, Sojourner frequently provides links, tips, and references for studying abroad and travel opportunities aimed at college students.

Blog Post you HAVE to read: Conscious Travel and Humanism

Abena from ‘Travelling Tuesdays’

Nominated by Lucy from Absolutely Lucy

Abena is the 23-year-old Ghanaian travel creator behind @TravellingTuesdays. She’s working on launching her blog, but her vibrant Instagram is already inspiring Gen Z travellers to explore the world. I love the way she makes travel accessible to students, first-time travellers and those on a tight budget.

You’ll love her straight-talking and sassy attitude towards travel, her responsible take on travel during a pandemic and her amazing photography tips for getting those solo traveller pics. She also loves creating Insta Reels and Tik Toks covering everything from travel tips for Ghana, travelling as a black person, cheap destinations and day trips from London, where she is currently based.

Follow Abena on Instagram:

Jenny from ‘Unlikely Hiker’

Nominated by Jenny from Limitless Hiker

Unlikely Hiker run by Jenny Bruso focuses on empowering people who don’t fit the traditional mold of what a “hiker” should look like, mainly the underrepresented outdoorsperson. They focus on increasing diversity in the great outdoors and empowering people of all races and body shapes to experience our wilderness places.

For so long, the outdoor space only had one type of person represented. And Unlikely Hiker got started to show that you don’t need to be a certain skin color or weight to be able to hike, backpack, and get outdoors.

As a hiking blogger and hiking coach as well, I constantly hear people saying that they don’t feel ready to get outdoors because they’re overweight, they don’t feel like they’re the right size or are worried about what people will say if they are overweight and injure themselves.

But there is no size limit or a certain way you need to look in order to experience the beautiful places on our planet. Not to mention the mental health benefits hiking has, and the relationship you build with yourself and your body, regardless of your size. It’s a very empowering feeling to know your body got you up and mountain and back down. Especially when you’re bombarded with messages about needing to be a certain weight and size and body shape for most of our lives. 

Unlikely Hiker is doing the work of meeting people where they are and helping them get outdoors and build self-love without changing a thing about themselves.

Flo from ‘Yoga Wine Travel
Between her long-form destination guides and comprehensive yoga abroad content, Flo is a busy woman. She always seems super down to earth and like she really wants to give you the best advice and support possible. Flo writes: ‘Travel spurs curiosity, fosters understanding and encourages patience’. And what better attitude could a travel blogger have?

This by no means an exhaustive list (far from it) of inspiring travel bloggers. Hopefully that goes without saying! Please drop your favourite, inspiring travel bloggers in the comments below to help us discover more fantastic bloggers to celebrate.


  1. Thank you for uplifting diversity in your blog posts. I too struggle with mental illnesses and went through the same internal debate that you did – should I include my mental health in my travel blog or will it “not go together” with my travel pieces. Then, I was tired of hiding it and not including it because it is such a large part of who I am. I had nothing to be ashamed of, and this was after all – MY blog, and MY platform to use as I wish. Diversity and equal human rights must be recognized and understood if change is going to happen. So thank you, for using your voice/platform to spread your knowledge and understanding of white privilege, you did a great job.

  2. I like to read about how all these bloggers became what they do now. However, as a brown skin bloggers who came from a country with hundreds of ethnicity and different races and religions, I ‘ve never seen the blogging word from these perspectives. It’s all about contains and how you work on your blogs.

  3. What a good list of travel bloggers to showcase. It is always interesting to read about what made you and others take up blogging. Always great to get input from such a wide variety of people. And to get the input without sugar coating. Thanks for sharing your story and theirs.

  4. I have not heard of Absolutely Lucy, but love that she is a solo female traveler. It’s always fascniating to read about people who leave their jobs (and boyfriend) to start traveling. I’m also curious to follow her new adventures of van life!

  5. Fantastic post Cassie, I love how you highlight so many diverse bloggers and instagrammers. Also I thoroughly enjoyed reading your “ramblings” at the beginning 🙂 what a journey you’ve been on!

  6. Wow, what a fabulous post of inspiring travel bloggers! Thank you for putting this together and placing many of these wonderful people on my radar 🙂

  7. Certainly a lot of food for thought here. I interact with many travel bloggers online and have been vaguely aware that some of them have a different background or lifestyle from me, but I have never really thought about the issues they might face. In my online life as well as my “real life” I try to accept people as they are but perhaps I could be more sensitive to the challenges they face. I have many friends from diverse backgrounds and it is this diversity which makes the world interesting. There are certainly some inspiring stories here.

  8. Diversity is such an important issue in the travel blogging community and I thank you for highlighting these amazing people. Would love to hear your story directly, and tell you mine some day.

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