How take the bus from Sarajevo to Belgrade

Thinking of travelling from Sarajevo to Belgrade and not sure how?

The easiest way to get between Bosnia and Herzegovina’s and Serbia’s respective capital cities is by bus. While backpacking the Balkans solo at the end of 2019, I wasn’t sure how easy public transport would be. Turned out to be easy, but this blog post is meant as extra reassurance and information for those who like to know what to expect. 🙂

NOTE FOR SOLO TRAVELLERS: I felt safe travelling solo across the Balkans, especially in daylight. The bus journeys were straightforward and I wasn’t charged extra to the locals.

How to Spend One or Two Days in Sarajevo


There are TWO different bus stations in Sarajevo which have buses going to Belgrade.

  • The earliest bus leaves at 0600 from Autobuska Stanica Sarajevo.
  • Then there are buses every couple of hours until 12:30 from Istočno Sarajevo Bus Station.

The advantage of getting the 06:00 bus is that it is from the closest bus station to the city. Also, it arrives in Belgrade at 1:40pm, which gives you a half-day to start exploring!

Autobuska Stanica Sarajevo is around a 35-minute walk or 25-minute tram from the town centre

Istočno Sarajevo Bus Station is around 45 minutes on public transport from the town centre. 

Tip for taking the tram in Sarajevo:

Tickets are 1.80KM. Be sure to punch the ticket in the small ticket machine immediately after buying it – ask the driver if you’re not sure how. Otherwise, ticket inspectors can fine you.



You can buy the bus ticket from the station or online.

Tickets for 6am bus:

Tickets for other buses:

Ticket cost: 20 euros. It’s very easy to buy the ticket in the station. English is quite good in Sarajevo, but any staff member will recognise ‘Belgrade’. Arrive around 30-minutes early to purchase from the station.


I arrived at Autobuska Stanica Sarajevo around 05:30. There were quite a few people around although not much was open. There was a cafe selling drinks and hot food, but since it is a long journey I would recommend bringing snacks and filling your water bottle before arriving if you might get hungry.

By 05:45 we had begun stowing luggage. By 5:55 we had all boarded and we pulled out of the driveway at 5:59.

It is easy to find the ‘platform’ for your bus as the destination is written on the front of the bus. Also, the name of the bus company from whom you bought your ticket will be on the side of the bus.

The seats on this bus were very comfortable, with pockets on the back of the seats and reclining chairs.



The bus journey from Sarajevo to Belgrade was scenic and enjoyable. The mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina were absolutely stunning, and after crossing the border I could observe traditional ways of life in the flat farmlands of Serbia.

Following the river along the border shortly before crossing the border into Serbia at was particularly stunning. These photos were taken sitting on the right-hand side.



Crossing the border into Serbia is very easy and you don’t have to leave your seat – just have your passport ready. On my 06:00 journey, there were two checkpoints. We arrived at the first at 09:15. The police boarded the bus and checked our passports against our face before taking them. We got them back and moved on after around 20-minutes.

Moments later we arrived at the second checkpoint. This time once again they took our passports before handing them back shortly after. We left the second checkpoint around 10am.



The rest of the bus ride from Sarajevo to Belgrade went smoothly. There were several very short breaks along the way, usually smoking breaks or just to let people on/off the bus.

We also had a 20-minute break at 11:45 at a small cafe (which had wifi, bonus) where you could buy lunch. We could even use our Bosnian Marks there which was helpful since we hadn’t passed any ATMs yet (that I noticed). I believe you could also pay with a card. I couldn’t work out what was veggie from the menu so just bought chips.


And finally, I arrived in Belgrade about 10 minutes after the specified time, at around 1:50pm. From here, I walked to my hostel.That’s everything I can think of mentioning about my journey between Sarajevo and Belgrade. Please let me know if any other the information you see here is outdated or incorrect.

And safe travels!


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