Beautiful Places to See Autumn Leaves in England

Are you looking for beautiful places to see Autumn leaves in England? While the fall season brings colour and fun festivities all around the country, this list gives just some of the best places to see the stunning red, orange, and golden foliage we all associate with this time of year.

From pumpkins and Halloween to fireworks and bonfires, there is a lot to appreciate about Autumn. But with the temperature getting cooler as we look towards the end of the year, there’s nothing like enjoying woodland walks and natural attractions before we all cosy up with our hot chocolates in the winter months.


by Hannah from Get Lost Travel Blog

Hardcastle Crags in West Yorkshire is one of the best places to see autumn leaves in the UK. This pretty and picturesque woodland walk is stunning year-round but is renowned for its famous autumnal colours.

With 400 acres of unspoilt woodland, it is no wonder that Hardcastle Crags makes such a perfect autumn outing. As the leaves turn orange, this Pennine valley is set aflame in a sea of autumnal colours that attract walkers, photographers, and artists every year.

The whole site has over 15 miles of footpaths and a woodland stroll is the best way to take in all the autumn leaves and colours that Hardcastle Crags has to offer. The site has two waymarked circular routes that each takes between 1-2 hours to complete. For the best views of the autumn leaves, make sure you climb the crags behind Gibson Mill to soak up sweeping views of the area.

While you are visiting Hardcastle Crags, make sure you pop into Gibson Mill at the centre of the site. When the National Trust took over maintenance of Hardcastle Crags, they had to come up with innovative ways to power the 17th-century mill, which is completely off-grid. You can call into the mill to learn about the sustainable options they installed to operate and run the mill with no main connections to electricity, sewage, or water supplies. You can also pick up a delicious cake and hot drink from the café while you are there!


by Christina from My Little World of Travelling

Halifax, a lovely town situated in Yorkshire, is a fantastic place to visit in autumn. The town is surrounded by nature – parks, valleys, hills and other green spaces. 

During this time of the year, it’s very easy to see how the foliage changes in Halifax. You can see tree leaves turning yellow and brown and then falling to the floor creating big piles of warm coloured leaves.

One of the best autumn activities include visiting the scenic Shibden Park which has the picturesque Shibden Hall & Estate, considered one of West Yorkshire’s most important heritage sites, a boating lake and many green areas to relax and for children to play.

Another great activity is doing one of the many walking routes you can find in the Halifax and Calderdale areas. Stoodley Pike, Cromwell Bottom and Rochdale Canal are just a few of the most beautiful walks. If you don’t feel confident doing it on your own, you can always book a guided tour.

Halifax - where to see Autumn leaves in England


by Kirsty from Lost in Landmarks

Sherwood Forest is a huge expanse of deciduous trees in the Nottinghamshire area of England and that means that when Autumn comes there’s a riot of colours that can be seen.  It’s situated about midway between Sheffield and Nottingham and the nearby village of Edwinstowe is also a lovely small English village to wander around.  You can get there by bus from Nottingham but the car is definitely the easiest.

The whole forest is a joy to walk or cycle around with plenty of leaves to kick around and enjoy but there’s also a great deal of history and legend to be found in the forest, not least with the Major Oak which is just a short walk from the car park.  The Major Oak is said to be over 1000 years old now and legend has it that it was the hideout of Robin Hood.  Whether that is true or not, the Major Oak is an impressive tree and in Autumn has the added beauty of changing leaf colour.

As well as the leaves displaying wonderful colour you’ll also see a wonder of nature in the forest from squirrels, fungi, birds and perhaps even deer being seen in the area.  

There is a visitor centre with information on walks and nature in the forest and there are often events taking place for both adults and families that focus on either the legend of the area or the wonderful nature that is around.  


by Cath from Wales with Kids

One of the best places to see autumn leave in the United Kingdom is Westonbirt Arboretum in the Cotswolds. Located near Tetbury and easily reached via the M4, Westonbirt Arboretum comes alive as autumn arrives and the leaves of the hundreds of trees and shrubs begin to change colour.

Westonbirt is hugely popular with visitors during the month of October and early November who flock from near and far to enjoy a kaleidoscope of changing colours from trees such as Japanese Maples, English Oaks, Horse Chestnuts and more.

The best time to enjoy Westonbirt, and avoid crowds, is early on a weekend day, or during the afternoon on a weekday when you might be lucky enough to catch the golden light of dusk and sunset flooding through the trees. This is a photographer’s paradise so bring your camera and tripod.

Dogs are welcome in the Silk Wood (new arboretum) but not the Old Arboretum. Bring wellies or waterproof shoes, particularly after heavy rain as you are likely to come across mud and muck. For the best time during the season to go, keep an eye on the arboretum website as they update it regularly to share which trees and shrubs are at their optimum for changing colours.


by Shobha from Epic England Travel

Hampstead Heath is a wonderful place to experience Autumn in the English countryside without actually having to leave the city of London. Easy to reach by tube on the Northern Line, you can immerse yourself in a woodland walk full of colour without leaving Zone 2 of the Underground. Even closer to Hampstead Heath, than the tube is the overground train station called Hampstead Heath.

Spread out over nearly 800 acres, Hampstead Heath is a collection of woodlands, meadows, ponds and hills. It is surrounded by former villages that have been incorporated into the sprawl of urban London such as Hampstead Village and Highgate Village. You are super close to the delights of urban life but feel far away from it once you are in the Heath.

From the top of Parliament Hill, you get marvellous of the city of London. The English Trust runs Kenwood, which is a small stately house on the edge of Hampstead Heath. It’s been used in many films and television productions because of its convenient location near London. Kenwood has a nice coffee shop and marvels that anyone could have thought the house was too small for their needs!


by Kathryn from Wandering Bird

If you’re looking for a great place to enjoy the colours of Autumn, head to the New Forest on the south coast of England. The New Forest used to be one of the reserved hunting grounds for William the Conqueror and has been preserved ever since. Now a national park, it’s one of the most unspoilt parts of England. 

The New Forest straddles Hampshire and Dorset and is easily reached by road and rail. You’ll find it easier with your own vehicle as that makes it possible to get out away from the crowds and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. There’s plenty of parking for cars, although if you’re on a UK motorhome trip you might find many places are height restricted. 

Once there, you’ll find plenty of walking routes to enjoy. Dogs are welcome but be aware that ponies, sheep and cattle roam freely, so they might be best on a lead. Whilst you’re driving, expect animals to wander out into the road in front of you! 

Fireworks are not encouraged in the park (no need to scare the animals) but there are often autumn fairs and harvest markets which are well worth visiting to enjoy the delicious local produce. 


Windsor is a great destination to visit in general, but in autumn it is even more beautiful. Many people come to Windsor on a day trip, to visit the castle and maybe be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Queen.

Getting to Windsor is very easy by public transport, as the town has not just one but two train stations.

The Long Mile is a historic avenue that connects Windsor Castle with the Copper Horse Statue, on the hill just in front. It is a pleasant flat walk that crosses Windsor Great Park but also the Deer Park, where over 500 red deer roam freely. The chances of seeing deer roaming through the trees are very common as well.

The walk is beautiful year-round but, in autumn, when the leaves start changing colour, it becomes a bit magical. The Copper Horse Statue is located just outside Windsor Forest, where you can see 1000 years old oak trees. In fact, this is the best place to experience the autumn colours of Windsor. Because the statue is on a hill, you can see the beautiful avenue flanked by the leaf changing trees, all the way to Winsor Castle.


by Dymphe from Dymabroad

One of the best places to see autumn leaves in the United Kingdom is Kynance Mews. Kynance Mews is a lovely mews street that you can find in South Kensington in London.

Along the street, you can find some picturesque houses. Furthermore, at the entrances of the street, you can find lovely arches with a lot of autumn leaves that are wonderful to see during the season! These arches are also very photogenic and one of the reasons why Kynance Mews is one of the most Instagrammable places in London. You can stand directly in front of the arches when taking photos here.

Getting to Kynance Mews is easy to do as there are great public transport connections. For example, you can get there by metro via the nearest Underground station Gloucester Road. Furthermore, you can get there by bus by going to the “Ashburn Gardens (Stop GV)” bus stop.


  1. There are so many great places to view autumn leaves in England. My pick of the bunch would of course have to be Sherwood Forest, what with the Robin Hood surrounding it. That makes it all the more magical for me. Plus, Hardcastle Crags sounds like a lovely wander, topped off with a visit to the mill.

  2. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year to travel. I would love to visit England in the Fall again. On my first visit, I went to London, but after reading this post I’d love to visit Halifax. I adore charming towns and I love all the greenery this town has to offer.

  3. We love chasing the autumn colours when we travel. There are sure some great and variety spots in England for autumn leaves. And to get a great outdoor walk at the same time. How pretty to see the trellises changing colour on the buildings in Kynance Mews.

  4. I bet all of these places would be beautiful. There’s just something about the name of Sherwood Forest that intrigues me the most! I love the idea of chasing fall through visiting idyllic places.

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