The best vegan food in Auckland

The Vegan Guide to Auckland

Wondering where to find vegan food in Auckland? This post gives a comprehensive list of vegan restaurants in Auckland alongside restaurants with great vegan options (in case you want to enjoy dining out alongside your omnivore friends).

Each restaurant, cafe or takeout chain has been listed alongside its type, suburb and our best recommendations.

This post most likely contains affiliate links to things such as products or services. I may receive a small commission if you use the links which costs you no extra but will help me keep this blog going. Thank you!

This Vegan Guide to Auckland was written with the help of my local friend, who grew up in Auckland and is 100% vegan. As a more recent vegan, I’m excited to taste test and enjoy all the food here. For the good of the blog, of course.

Since this post was initially published during Level 2 2020, I’ll be cautiously updating this post over the next few months now restrictions are lifting and I’m finally able to eat… everything! with new, in-depth information and photography.

This list also may as well be called the best vegan burgers in Auckland… apparently we love burgers!

In this guide you will find everything from:

  • Vegan Restaurants
  • Vegan burgers and fast food
  • Vegan Cafes and Bakeries
  • Dairy-free ice cream

The Butcher’s Son – one the most popular vegan restaurants in Auckland

Area: Herne Bay

Type: Restaurant, all vegan

Arrangement: Dine-in

Recommendations: BBQ bao buns, ‘chicken’ or beyond burger

Notes: Friendly staff, although sometimes the food takes a while as it can be busy

Wise Boys Burgers – for a complete range of vegan burgers in Auckland (fully vegan!)

Area: Grey Lynn

Type: Burger Takeaways, all vegan

Arrangement: Couple of seats to sit at, but takeaway recommended.

Recommendations: Crispy fried chick burger

Notes: There are a couple seats to sit at but mainly just takeaway. Pretty pricey


Area: Mount Eden

Type: American restaurant, a couple vegan options

Arrangement: Dine-in

Recommendations: Fried chicken burger with curly fries, like Big Mac burger. Ask to be made vegan.

Notes: Nice interior, there is a bar to get drinks from too

The Burgerie – my friend’s fav vegan burger in Auckland!

Area: Karangahape Road – just at top of Queen St

Type: Fast food Takeaways, vegan menu

Arrangement: Only takeaway, no online order for pickup. phone order pickup recommended.

Recommendations: Veg Kiwi Burger

Notes: Great value for money, nowhere to sit so can only do takeaways.

Gorilla Kitchen

Area: Eden Terrace

Type: Eatery, all vegan

Arrangement: Dine-in

Recommendations: Large range of food choices and deserts. Good coffee.

Notes: This so called plant-based eatery and ‘brewtique’ opens for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week & dinner four nights. There are both healthy options and vegan options on classic pub food.

Burger Burger

Area: Ponsonby, Takapuna, and Newmarket.

Type: American restaurant, a couple vegan options

Arrangement: Dine-in

Recommendations: Vegan burger and curly fries (ask for vegan aioli), dairy free shakes.

Tart Bakery – fully vegan bakery!

Area: Grey Lynn, and another on Karangahape Road – near top of Queen St

Type: Bakery, all vegan.

Arrangement: Couple of seats to sit at, grab to takeaway recommended.

Recommendations: Any pie, cream donut, sweet slices

Notes: Options can vary based on time of day. If you’re missing pastries and baked delights since you made the switch from vegetarian to vegan, this i the place for you!


Area: Takapuna

Type: American Restaurant, vegetarian/vegan menu

Arrangement: Dine-in

Recommendations: Paratha burrito, Banana blossom “fish” and chips

Notes: They do good drinks – my friend Tom recommends the mojitos – although admits the drinks here are quite pricey

Kaiaroha Vegan Deli and Eatery – my favourite brunch spot for vegan food in Auckland!

Area: Parnell

Type: Fully vegan cafe/eatery with varied menu. Can also buy food from bakery.

Arrangement: Dine in, nice interior with lots of natural light despite being down an alleyway due to the floor to ceiling windows. Spacious wooden tables and houseplants

Recommendations: I loved the mock meat options (such as the ‘fush’ and chips) whereas my friend loved the vegan bakery, especially the waffles off the menu!

Notes: Lunch from $17 with two pages of options. Cheaper options from the bakery behind the glass.

Kind Cafe

Area: Morningside, right near Morningside train station

Type: Cafe/Eatery, mostly vegan

Arrangement: Dine-in

Recommendations: Jackfruit tacos

Notes: Great vibes with lots of plants, friendly staff. Also good selection of cabinet food to grab.

For alternative vegan cafes around Auckland (or cafes with fab vegan options) you should check out:

  • Little Bird Organics (Ponsonby)
  • The Midnight Baker (Dominion Road)

Lord of the Fries – fully vegan burgers in Auckland

Area: Karangahape Road – near top of Queen St, and also another near the bottom of Queen St

Type: Fast food joint, all vegan.

Arrangement: Couple of seats to sit at, order online recommended.

Recommendations: HSP snack pack, hash & patty muffin

Notes: All breakfast menu, quite pricey but filling. This is a great option for if you’ve had a long day (or had too much wine at Friday night drinks) and want to order some hearty junk food.


Area: All around, theres 2 on Queen St and one in Ponsonby

Type: Burger chain, a couple of good vegan options.

Arrangement: Nice enough to sit in, can be ordered online for pickup.

Recommendations: V8 vegan burger, shakes, small sized combustion tofu for snack. Motobites are also good. (crumbed pumpkin, carrot, chickpea & ginger bites, ask for vegan aioli)

Hell Pizza – poss the best place for vegan pizza in Auckland!

Area: All around. CBD one is Victoria St West – just off Queen St.

Type: Pizza chain, vegan menu.

Arrangement: Possible to eat there, although isn’t great. Order online for pickup recommended.

Recommendations: Vegan mischief pizza (comes with vegan nuggets and sausage), vegan nuggets

Notes: Quite pricey, large pizzas are around $20. Can customise pizza to your liking with up to 8 toppings with no extra cost. Tasty and filling. You can also choose how spicy you want your sauce.


Area: Gore Street – Downtown CBD

Type: Ice cream, some vegan flavours and cones

Arrangement: Some seats outside, recommended to walk down Gore St until you reach a little grass area with beanbags! (corner of Gore St and Tyler St)

Recommendations: Coconut Cookies & cream with a broken cone (you get more ice cream with broken cone).

Notes: Staff are super helpful, they’ll guide you through the different flavours and cone choices. Can taste test all vegan flavours! It’s quite pricey… but worth it. Before I came to Auckland, Giapo is the one place everyone consistently recommended.

Vegan Asian Food in Auckland

I haven’t tried the vegan Thai food in Auckland just yet so can’t vouch for these but here are some top picks if you prefer some rich Asian flavours. Thai food often looks vegetarian but traditionally is often cooked with fish sauce, so always worth double-checking it’s actually vegan! (I learned this the hard way after a Thai restaurant in London put chicken in my red curry… and then tried to get me to pay for it. Awkward.)

So I’m excited to try all the below vegan options and update this post soon! Yum.


Khu Khu Eatery is next level and I have LOVED everything I’ve eaten from this Thai vegan restaurant. From classics like Thai red curry and pad thai, to ‘mock meats’ cooked with fresh veggies and DELICIOUS flavours. The portion sizes are huge and I can’t wait to try everything on the menu!






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  1. So good to see all this vegan food! Always great to know where to eat and get local tips. Everything looks yummy!

  2. OMG my mouth is watering! i visted Auckland in 2016 but I was very briefly there before starting a tour so didn’t get to experience as much of the food scene as I would have liked. The bao buns look amazing!!

    1. Ahh that’s a shame! It seems that many people only people visit Auckland for a short time so I’m excited to see what else the city has to offer!

  3. Those burgerfuel burgers sound amazing!! I’m going to pin these places on maps for when we (hopefully) get to NZ next year. Thank you for sharing!

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