Feedback for my e-book, ‘Pretend to Read this Book to Avoid Talking to strangers’

Yesterday, 10th July 2021, my first e-book went live on my website. This short story collection is a small, personal project made up of 6 short stories I wrote in my 20s. Throughout the decade, my words explore my changing perspectives on life, love, and human connection.

You can find out more or purchase the e-book, ‘Pretend to read this book to avoid talking to strangers, here.

Since I initially wanted to keep the reach of this project pretty low, I decided to only sell on my website. This means the e-book is unlikely to be found by anyone outside of my small following (or potentially word of mouth). That said, please do share with friends and family if you enjoy the stories!

Despite the small scale sales, I still wanted to give readers the chance to share feedback, ask questions, and discuss the stories with me.

Since I couldn’t add reviews to the book sales page (at least, not without paying 89 dollars!), I am writing this blog post so you can do all of the above in the comments below!

If you’ve read ‘Pretend to read…’ Please feel free to leave your thoughts, reviews and curious questions below.

This will really help me as a new writer. Thank you!


  1. I immediately felt invested in dizzy and wires and found theirs and the second story to be really relatable. Oceansong was a scary realistic possibility for the future, while I really found the hilarious Kelly & Adam to be my favorite with a sweet ending. Cassie has such a great way of writing and incredibly creative, I hope to read another book of hers someday!

  2. An amazing collection of short stories with a great writing style and interesting narratives. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through these, loved seeing how her story telling has evolved over the years.
    Excited to see what could come next from Cass ♥️

  3. From the moment I began reading dizzy & wires, I was awed by Cassie’s ability to turn her heartfelt thoughts into poetry. Her neurodiverse brain is an absolute gift and the magic, depth, and originality she produces within these pages is a thing to behold.

    Raw, vulnerable, at times quirky and at other times thought provoking, these short stories are the kind you’ll want to come back to again and again and you’ll keep discovering fresh delights you missed the first time around.

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