Why I Donated My Hair to the Little Princess Trust (and how you can donate your hair too)!

I’m writing this post to raise awareness of an awesome charity… and maybe if you’re brave enough you’ll be inspired to donate your hair too! Here’s what inspired me…

Last Summer I was lamenting about my hair. It’s not something I’m proud of; I’m usually a low-maintenance, no hairbrush sort of person and writing about my hair puts my identity in a spin. But there you have it; hags and humans alike are complex beings who sometimes, ever so unexpectedly, complain about their hair.

“The colour is MURK!” I proclaimed, “and why does it hang off my head like it’s dead?” (Answer: your hair is dead, idiot.) I’m not sure what response I had expected because I was neither fishing for compliments nor hoping my friend would put her thumbs up in agreement. Thankfully, my brilliantly level-headed companion had the perfect comeback:

‘If you hate your hair so much, why don’t you donate it? There’s a little girl out there who’d love to have that hair.’

Man that shut me up. The comment struck me immediately; she was right. I could do something far better with my hair than complain about it – I could cut it. It was such an obvious solution that I’m quite sure I decided immediately; after a few months of growing it longer, I’d give my hair the chop.

So, here I am, eight months later, with a short cut I never would have wanted otherwise. But, let’s be honest, my hair will grow back anyway. No biggie.

Here’s something that is a big deal:

The Little Princess Trust produces free wigs for children & young adults suffering from hair loss, which makes them one of the few places where it’s not weird to send a lock of your hair in an envelope. Whilst all experiences related to illness are incredibly traumatic for a child, it’s hard to imagine what it must be like for them to lose their hair – charities like this one provide little girls a chance to feel pretty and normal, even at the hardest of times.

Thank you so much to Blackheath Hair & Co for taking these images. Anyone based in South East London? These guys were fabulous and were very used to sending donations to the Little Princess Trust already too!

I donated my hair two days ago and I don’t expect a round of applause for getting a haircut. I understand it won’t change anyone’s life or make an illness go away.  But the charity? They are making a huge difference…


I didn’t set up a justgiving page as it didn’t sit right me to get sponsored for literally getting a haircut (although it’s amazing to me that brave kids donate and raise money too!) particularly because money is tight for many of us and it can be hard enough to donate to the causes which are already close to us… or even pay the bills etc.

That being said, the Little Princess Trust are a special charity so if you can afford it and would like to donate please follow the links below! Or else this blog post has just been a gross humblebrag. Yikes!

Inspired to donate your hair? You can donate hair of a natural colour (including dyed hair) of 7 inches or more. Make sure you follow the instructions to ensure they can except your donation! http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-hair/

You can be equally wonderful and donate money to the Little Princess Trust here: http://www.littleprincesses.org.uk/donate-money/

Image result for little princess trust

And a huge thank you to Kelsey and everyone at Blackheath Hair & Co for being awesome, helping me donate my hair and ensuring what was left looked suitably princessy. I certainly won’t be complaining about it anymore.


If you were inspired to donate your hair let me know!

Anyone else feeling a little more grateful for their bad hair days? It’s always good to look at things differently. 🙂

Hair or no hair, you’re truly beautiful guys.







  1. I know you say you don’t need a round of applause but it’s still pretty commendable. I’m sure whatever little girl gets it will be very happy! And your hair looks gorgeous now too! Another fab post as always.

  2. Good for you! I was just wondering earlier today if you had posted pictures of your haircut yet. How much did you cut off? I’d never heard of this specific charity before. If I ever grow my hair long enough, I will keep them in mind. Love the haircut, by the way!

    1. They didn’t measure the cut but said it was a great length for a donation, so that was good. I’m still working out how to make my new hair look right day-to-day as I’m so used to long hair but I loved how they styled it!

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