How to create a positive community on Instagram (and the problem with Positive Thinking advice)

How can we help encourage a positive community on Instagram? What more can I do to ensure that if I do make any teeny impact on someone’s day, it’s a good one?


It is so easy to be kind. If you’re not sure about someone’s account or caption, unless you really feel they are being offensive, it is better to say nothing at all. This has nothing to do with being an instagrammer or influencer, but simple human kindness. ❤️

90% of the time, the only thing we need to concern ourselves with is ‘are they happy?’ and – since we can never really be sure – consider what we can do to nurture their happiness.

In the travel community, a critical DM or questionable comment could be read by someone who is alone with on a new continent with no friends over a week old, or a couple who only have each other. So we really need to treat each other well and ensure we have a safe place to discuss the good AND bad moments of the travel lifestyle.


I am not the right person to be a voice on this, and doing so would be perhaps reductive. I am looking for articles to link to. In the meantime, I would encourage people to follow and actively support the work of more than just… skinny white girls.


Despite being a hugely positive community, sometimes negativity slips through the cracks. We must remember to never judge someone we’ve not met. We should always assume the best in people, and not judge their flaws and mistakes too harshly until we have addressed our own.


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I love the positive and motivational nature of travel accounts! But assuming that when someone’s had a bad day is because they don’t think positively enough or need to change their perspective can be dangerous…

My little gram is a safe place to talk about the good and bad that comes with travel (solo and otherwise). As much as travel and positive thinking is life changing, we’d be going a step too far if we announced it cured Everyone’s mental health and any ounce of sadness falls into a motivational-quote wormhole. And it could be dangerous to tell those suffering that their perspective is the problem.

Having a bad day or suffering with mental health is NOT a weakness. Talking about having a bad day is NOT being negative. And since Instagram has such a wonderful community, we need to make people feel comfortable expressing their reality (if they wish to).

Personally, there’s no one sitting next to me on the sofa sharing a cuppa, but you guys have proved again and again that you are totally warm, loving people who are willing to listen to me. I have found real friendships and words of reassurance.

So when someone’s feeling bad, I know we can ensure we are helping rather than hindering them. I am a HUGE believer in positive thinking. But being a positive force to others can include simply listening, telling them things will get better and you’ll be there when they do, and reminding them it’s okay to not always be okay. Uplift and never disregard. Be loving.

How can we help we create a positive community on Instagram?

And feel free to share your favourite positive accounts so I can go check ’em out!



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Kylee Hayes

This is GREAT! I was just thinking about how to say these exact things. How the positive look on everything can hurt almost as much as being negative! Life is real. There are ups and there are downs.

Great post!