6 Things to do in Hue, Vietnam

Below are my list of things to do in Hue!

A lot of people don’t rate Hue but I think this is down to the sights there being lesser known (except perhaps the highlight below). Hue was actually the capital of Vietnam for 143 years up until 1945. Despite so many beautiful attractions, it was disturbingly also where the Battle of Hue took place – in 1968, thousands of people were killed here.

I rented an easyrider for the day here which cost around 11 pounds. This meant that not only did I have a local guide with me at all times to tell me the history of the historical sights, but also I could easily access them.


They spent 3 million US dollars to create the waterpark for families, yet now I was wandering around over barbed wire and broken glass. Although it’s not officially open to the public, everyone goes… Whilst there are loads of tales of people sneaking into the park and dodging security, I found it very easy to enter the park! I think because I had hired a local guide for the day (along with his scooter) it was super easy to get in.

Very atmospheric, it reminded me of a post-apocalyptic video game. This waterpark is not for kids, but otherwise weirdly fun. Out of all the things to do in Hue, this has to be the one people seemed most excited about when I was backpacking in Vietnam!


  Screenshot_20190128-160204_Instagram.jpg PAGODA OF THE CELESTIAL LADY / THIEN MU PAGODA                                                                                                                                                                            My local guide (aka scooter driver) told me all about the folklore surrounding the temple. It also overlooks the Perfume River which runs through Hue.


One to two weeks in Kyushu itinerary, Japan. (inc costs)


Who doesn’t love a viewpoint? This one overlooks the river and was incredibly peaceful. The park here is a really nice way to break up visiting busy tourist attractions.



Tu Duc is sometimes considered the last emperor of Vietnam and died in 1883. He had no children but 104 wives and even more concubines… sounds stressful, right? His tomb is however surprisingly tranquil, grand architecture scattered around a moat and lily ponds.

things to do in hue vietnam
There’s so many historic attractions to visit in Hue.


Hue is home to the Imperial City – a vast 19th-century citadel, full of shrines and palaces  – and also the Forbidden Purple City.

The Hoi Van Pass…

Hue is also a great place to rent a scooter or get an easy rider to take you on a road trip to Hoi An. This route HAS to be the best way to get between Hoi An and Hue with cool sights and amazing viewpoints along the way. This would be my Vietnam MUST-DO as it was my favourite day in the country! I wrote more about it here:

hoi van pass viewpoint in vietnam
Admiring an amazing view whilst roadtripping along the Hoi Van Pass


things to do in hue vietnam
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